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oil paintings

Gils’ oil paintings are done with a palette knife, giving his paintings texture. He begins with an under-painting with the opposite colors of the finished work. This will enhance the painting if any of the under-painting shows through. He usually photographs a scene in multiple angles and views and does his painting in studio. His landscapes picture mountain areas of Montana, Glacier National Park, Wyoming Tetons, and Wyoming cattle country Some of the frames are custom made by a Frame Craftsman.

Gil has divided his time creating Steel Sculptures, Bronze Sculptures and Paintings. His most recent creations have been Steel Sculptures.

As you watch the slide show of paintings, picture one of his Eagle Steel Sculptures soaring high above, or one of his Road Runner Steel Sculptures running through the desert or an Owl Steel Sculpture sitting in one of the Quaking Aspens. Picture a Fish Steel Sculpture in one of the streams ready for a fight while hiding in the Cattail Steel Sculpture. Most of my Steel Sculptures are pictured in my book “Steel Sculpture From Vision to Fine Art”. Each bird Steel Sculpture is made with hand cut rusty steel, each bird contains approximately 1000 feathers.

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